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(no subject)

(Banner made by ladyanne525 )
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I survived Christmas

I didn't explode from Kyle's stress or from step-mother. She even asked for one of the recipes I made. Pecan Pie. =)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Graphics I made for landofart

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(no subject)
POTC Elizabeth Swann
Seeing many of my friends today have made a post discussing about moving over to DW. I just want to share my username at DW.


Feel free to add me.

Holiday Cards
atla xmas
Been busy since I got back and Owen and I have plans on making holiday cards. If anyone interested in receiving one please leave name with address. Comments are screened.


Voting is up for icons for round four 20in20 icon challenge at atla2020.

Anyone can vote. So it be great to get more votes than the handful of icon makers who took part.

Themes Part I Voting
Themes Part II Voting
Category and Artist Choice Voting

Any icon makers in joining for round five. The themes are up and there is no sign-up due to holiday season. :)

I decided to delete my rant post...

I relieved my headache by working on some purse/bag designs. I can't wait to get back from my trip to work on them. I sketched out a messenger bag designed after kyoshi warrior outfit and one from master piandao outfit. I will share them once I figured out how to construct them. :D

Although not going to make any promises yet on making things. But love more inspiration for bag designs! Toss me stuff to inspire me!

Round Two of icon making is over at atla2020</lj>. We have four nice sets to be voted on.

Voting is open to everyone. So it would be nice for people to check it out and vote if they got time.

Themes Part I
Themes Part II
Artist Choice

Round Three at atla2020</lj> sign-up is opened as well for people who want to join in next round. Themes posted on 10th. People have to 30th to complete set.

Femslash Land

femslash_land is a multi-fandom land community that focus on F/F pairings.

I've been in this community for two rounds and had a blast playing.

There are four teams to play on team canon, team subtext, team crossover, team sweeps

FAQ about the land can be found here

Apply here

Fire Nation Royal Family + Mai and Ty Lee picspam
Mona Lisa Style picspam(facial expression captures)of royal family of the Fire Nation done for a challenge at landofart 

picspam - very large imageCollapse )

atla 20in20... a very brief update on move!
Move-in to the new house went well. Owen loves it! He excited and hardly been napping. There are a few great parks near by. I have two floors almost done packing. I will do a better update at a later time. :P

I came here to promote my newest community I'm running. atla2020 an icon challenge community

20 in 20 communities are 20 icons made in 20 days. (or Less)

atla2020  icons need to be related to Avatar: the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra

10 icons based off themes
5 based off a category
5 artist choice icons

First round is free-for-all. Each icon can be different character from series if icon maker wishes or be the same.

Themes/Category will be posted early August 11th.

I extended sign-ups until August 20th (sign-up just mainly to let me know who plans on taking part)

I hope to grab a few more peeps to try out round one. :)