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Michael just finished up the anti-biotics yesterday. He is doing much better his prolonged cough is gone. What the scariest part of having pneumonia was that he acted like himself - happy and content except for the cough.

Kyle took Owen to a birthday party today after his hockey practice. Owen was excited it was the first one he was invited to other than his cousins. He turns five this coming Friday and I submitted his picture for milestone portion of the new channel I watch in morning before he starts school. I think he going to be excited to see himself on tv. He been wanting to get on disney birthday wish on his channel but they only pick 15 people for entire month and he hasn't got on it yet I've been sending his name in since deadline before his second birthday.

Owen is becoming a real sweetheart with his little brother. The other day I was doing laundry and he was helping me - then we heard Michael cry. Owen ran upstairs so I took time to refold the stuff he folded. Michael stopped crying during the time so I went up when Laundry was done to find Owen was feeding his brother.

I fell behind on my 20in20 challenges I have two more to complete before tomorrow. I have the Criminal Minds one almost done but haven't even started Castle icons. Fun Fun Fun ....

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