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Life ...

It's been chaotic here - A cold has been spreading through our family. Michael started feeling sick last Friday and he was still coughing a lot on Monday so got him an appointment yesterday. Doctor decided it was best to do a chest x-ray since back in November he was hospitalized for a unknown caused fever. His x-ray came back showing he got early stage of pneumonia. He is at home on antibiotics and we our family doctor again tomorrow for a follow up. I am very happy that Michael over is very content - he is very active and playful and doesn't have fever. He takes his medicine like a champ. Mikey will eat anything!

I honestly wanted to bonk my husband on head yesterday after him knowing I spent several hours at doctor office/diagnostic imaging place. He comes home and acted like I did nothing and he had the right to fuss about stupid stuff ... like me not seeing a pasta sauce in cabinet. I was thinking once again - I get noticed for the stuff I don't do and not get any acknowledgement for stuff I have done. Since I did clean half the house up as well as doctor appointment.....

Just needed to vent a tad ... but I cheered up quickly with some of the pair of characters for the mystery fic challenge at atlaworld. It's getting me back in rabid shipping everyone with everyone again.... I'm excited to see the stories even if the interaction required isnt romantic between characters people got stuck with.

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