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Avatar Aang Icons
Iroh music
20 Avatar Aang icons done for character20n20



Close Crop/TextEnemyGoldHotImperfect
Light & DarkNeonRomanceUnusual CropWild




artist's choice 1artist's choice 2artist's choice 3artist's choice 4artist's choice 5

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Lovely icons! I really like gold, hot, neon, wild, cat 2 and 4 and ac 1!

Gorgeous icons. I really like Gold, Hot, Enemy and AC set.

nice icons.
I really like the AC. :)

Nice icons! I like your AC set, hot, gold and light/dark

These are really pretty, I love your coloring!

Very nice icons :D
My favorites are gold, hot, imperfect, wild, category 4 and AC#2+3.

Lovely icons :) Enemy, light&dark, neon, cat 2&3, ac 3 are my favorite :)

I love your negative space icons. Nice work.

Great icons!! I know little about animation iconing, but these all look great to me. I adore the composition on light&Dark, and what you did with the bw+color thing in the ac set. cat1 and cat2 are really striking and pretty, and Neon has gorgeous lighting and coloring. Love the vibrancy and sharpness of Gold and ok I just like the whole set a lot :>

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