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2012 Highlights

Been in bed with a cold over the past few days, I excited to see so many recs for yuletide that I will check out.

Also Christmas as great. Both boys had a fun time. I don't think I can turn anywhere in the house without running into something batman related. :D


Obviously the best thing that happened in my life in 2012 is the birth of my second son, Michael Conrad. I am happy he is healthy after dealing once again with the pregnancy induced high blood pressure. Since my blood pressure was out of control and extremely high - i was induced at 37 weeks. Michael stayed in one week longer than Owen. I was happy I did not have vision problems again. After delivery I  needed to stay in hospital for five days until my blood pressure returned to normal.

Michael is a very laid-back and mellow baby who is completely intrigued with his big brother, Owen.


My oldest son, Owen, claiming he had a superbaby in his knee. Apparently he got the baby in his knee from a bug bite. Got to love children imaginations. XD


Owen beginning kindergarten. He has been more expressive of his emotions, more ambition to be independent, best of all a understanding about privacy. I overjoyed not have to here him ask me a million times why when I tell him please put clothes on.


Owen involvement in sports. Owen took swimming lessons, played soccer and is playing hockey in 2012. He had a blast doing all three. His favorite of the three was swimming. I am glad he loves it so much since swimming is one of the best skills to have. He claims he can't skate right now without his aid but he can - I can't wait to see him this coming Saturday - he learned this during time I was home with baby and Michael and I promised we will see him in action in January.


I was excited for Legend of Korra that came out this year. I enjoyed it but not as much as original series. I think I enjoyed it more because Owen became a big fan!

When we first started watching Owen claimed "I don't like this." .... said that a million times ..... two minutes later .... Go Mako Go! My hubby asked him ohh thought you didn't like Avatar. Owen says "Avatar is okay but her friend Mako is awesome." Owen can be very stubborn on being right just like his mommy.

I loved the characters and the main plot of the LOK series. I feel that the story could have been developed better. I wasn't a fan of the love mess dealing with Korra, Asumi, Mako, and Bolin - I miss the subtle hints of romance that I adored in atla.


Rediscovering Medium tv series. Last time i watched it regularly was back in 2007. It was nice to watch during Michael 3 am feeding. Didn't know how much I missed it until I skipped a episode because baby slept longer. :P


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