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atla 20in20... a very brief update on move!

Move-in to the new house went well. Owen loves it! He excited and hardly been napping. There are a few great parks near by. I have two floors almost done packing. I will do a better update at a later time. :P

I came here to promote my newest community I'm running. atla2020 an icon challenge community

20 in 20 communities are 20 icons made in 20 days. (or Less)

atla2020  icons need to be related to Avatar: the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra

10 icons based off themes
5 based off a category
5 artist choice icons

First round is free-for-all. Each icon can be different character from series if icon maker wishes or be the same.

Themes/Category will be posted early August 11th.

I extended sign-ups until August 20th (sign-up just mainly to let me know who plans on taking part)

I hope to grab a few more peeps to try out round one. :)

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